Step 1: Purl two stitches.

Cast off pattern example

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Cast off patterns appear when blood is projected or thrown onto a surface from a blood-bearing source or object in motion (Fig.


TIP: A common rule of thumb is to cast off your stitches “in pattern”.

The sample pictured is the 2×2 Rib Stitch pattern.

Studies on cast-off patterns have also produced reconstruction guidelines [2,4,16].

Bloodstain pattern analysis ( BPA) is the field of forensic science that consists of the study and analysis of bloodstains at a known or suspected crime scene with the purpose of drawing conclusions about the nature, timing and other details of the crime.

As you can see, on the right side of our work, when we are ready to cast off the stitches follow its stitch pattern. . Cast-off spatters often occur during crimes involving beating events. 4.

. Pull the yarn tail through the needle. .

As an example of the benefits provided by the proposed formal representation of BPA, a case study based on a genetic.
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Pull the stitch over the yarn tail.

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Unless otherwise indicated, work your gauge in the project’s pattern. Unless otherwise indicated, work your gauge in the project’s pattern.


In the US we generally say “bind off” to refer to finishing the edge of a knitting project, while in the UK, they generally say. .




In the context of bloodstain pattern analysis, a cast-off spatter pattern is defined as “a bloodstain pattern resulting from blood drops released from an object due to its. . Cast-off Pattern. 1(a) [3].

. . . Crocheted bind-off.


Matches long-tail cast-on method. This is likely to be the result of differences in the method used to create these cast-off. Repeat Steps 2-6 until one stitch remains.

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Analysis of cast-off pattern plays an important role in forensic. Bubble Ring - An outline within a bloodstain resulting from air in the blood. location of the castoff pattern.

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Swinging a weapon to the side will leave a pattern on the wall or floor.

bathroom, football vs. For example, objective measures of pattern characteristics such as element size, shape and distribution could be obtained and presented in discriminating combinations. Use the right needle tip to lift up the stitch below the last stitch on your left needle. Cast-off splatters: Cast-off splatters occur by when the weapon or the object used in the crime was swung in an arc when the perpetrator swings the weapon before inflicting another damage.